When you have a plan for the future you can live in peace today

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Committed To Excellence

Insurance. Investments. Impact.

Life is so unpredictable - and who knows what the future holds. But, with a good plan, we can help you live in peace no matter what happens.


We are dedicated to helping you with your insurance investments, improving your financial future, and impacting your local community.

Mondez Thomas

Leading Manager

Peace - for your future.

We have all your financial needs covered

  • Health Insurance

  • Medicare

  • Investments

  • 401K Planning

  • Life Insurance

  • Estate Planning

  • Long Term Care

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Take the best step to a peaceful future. We have a plan for all your financial needs

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    Get in contact with one of our Peace Advisors whenever you need them. 24/7 service. Ah, that's peace.

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    Know you are always getting the best advice born from over 15 years of security banking and insurance experience

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    Always get the best quotes and rates with an extensive network with insurance carriers and companies across the country

  • Community-Focused

    Together, we are creating financial and life solutions for you and your community

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